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EDUFI Fellowship

Finland Government EDUFI Fellowship

About the Fellowship

The EDUFI Fellowship is intended, particularly, for providing initial funding to carry out research for a doctoral thesis in Finland.

It allows excellent young researches to Finland with the fellowship, the majority of whom have also managed to secure further funding for their research.

  • Applicant: a Finnish university department
  • Who: a doctoral student or a young researcher from outside Finland
  • Purpose: initial funding for completing a doctoral research project in Finland, completion of a double degree or a study visit on exceptionally compelling reasons
  • Application deadline: rolling deadline. You should apply for the grant five months before the start of the fellowship.
  • Duration of fellowship: 3–12 months, visits 3–6 months
  • Size of grant: 1,500 euros/month (2019)

Who can apply and for whom?

You can apply for the fellowship grant if

  • you work as a researcher or a teacher in a Finnish university department
  • you will be hosting the research fellow
  • you will commit to common objectives with the research fellow
  • you will offer facilities and equipment for the use of the research fellow
  • you will supervise the research.

You can apply for a fellowship for a non-Finnish post-graduate (post Master’s degree) student or a young researcher that you will invite to Finland or who has been in Finland for a maximum of one year before applying for the fellowship.

The EDUFI Fellowship is available to all foreign nationals and all fields of study.

Rolling deadline

You can apply for the fellowship grant at any time. Please send the application to us at least five months before the planned start of the fellowship.

The application process will take about three months. Usually about 35-40% of applications are approved every year. Decisions will be sent to the applicant university department.

Fellows will need the following documents for their visa/residence permit application

  • a copy of the EDUFI fellowship decision
  • an invitation from the host university department

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