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Research Papers for Free Download – Single Click

In my previous post, I have gives a list of seven sites where you can download research articles for free. In those sites you have to search for your desired research papers or ebook and then you find a downloading link.

There are few problems with Sci-hub, which is one the most popular among researcher to download articles.

Since Sci-hub is illegal, the domain/mirror site name keeps on changing. Many countries do not have access to Sci-hub, because of the strict internet security.

Another time taking process in Sci-hub is that you have to find the doi of the article and then use it as a key to search.

So, what if I tell you that there is an easier and legal way to find a research article or pdf and its free 🙂


It may be new to you, but there are already 2,50,000+ members using this.

Lets first know why this is better than any other platform to download research articles. It allows you to

  • access millions of research paper PDFs in one click on Web of Science, Google Scholar, PubMed, arXiv, Scopus and thousands more academic websites.
  • save time navigating paywalls, logins and redirects.
  • helps you get to your full-text PDFs faster by securely connecting you to your library’s journal subscriptions and open access content.
  • easily export it to your favorite reference management tool or download it to your desktop.
  • integrates with Mendeley, EndNote, Dropbox and Zotero

Now, you must wondering, it is so many amazing features. There must be some price to it.

The answer is ‘No’. It is an absolute free plug in for individual researchers. You do not have to pay anything unless you are a big publishing company who want to use this ground breaking technology.

Let me take to the process, how to use this amazing tool

Step 1 : Visit their website Kopernio


You will find the plug in link for chrome. It will take you to the chrome web store. Install it

If you are a mozila firefox user then find the plug in here.


Step 2: Once you have installed the plug in. You will see the icon appear on the top right side of your browser.

Kopernio 2


Step 3 : If you visit pubmed/sci-direct or any other website. You will see this icon. Click on it and you can get the pdf

Kopernio 3

Koppernio in Pubmed (above) and Google Scholar (below)

Koppernio Plug in

Additional Info: Since Koppernio is a legal platform, you may not find all the research paper in pdf version. You shall also consider installing Unpaywall plug in, which is another excellent plug in and works similar to Koppernio.

research article free

Some important FAQs to help you 

Do I need a university email address?
You can sign up with any email address. However, features requiring library integration only work if you tell us the name of your institution.

I can’t find my institution on your list — what should I do?
Please check different variants of your institutions name (e.g. The Chinese University of Hong Kong may be saved as “Chinese University of Hong Kong”). In some cases the English name may be used rather than the local name (e.g. Universidade Federal de São Paulo may be saved as “Federal University of Sao Paulo”).
Is there a limit to the number of PDF I can access? Download?
Subscriptions permitting, there is currently no limit to the number of PDFs that users can access via Kopernio.

Where does Kopernio get the PDFs from?
Kopernio integrates with library proxies to retrieve research articles from library subscriptions. If your library is supported, Kopernio will configure this for you automatically. Kopernio also indexes a range of additional data sources from which PDFs can be retrieved:

  • Publisher sites, including Open Access publishers
  • Abstract databases including Web of Science, PubMed, and Google Scholar
  • Institutional repositories
  • Pre-print servers
  • Your Kopernio search history

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