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17 Amazing Facts About Beer

Beer is the third-most popular drink on Earth, after water and tea. At any given time, 0.7% of the world is drunk. So 50 million people are drunk right now.

Beer is strongly connected with ancient culture and religions dated 10,000 years back. It has been found in Inuds valley (India), Hajji Firuz Tepe (Iran), Jiahu (China), USA, Europe and several other countries.

There is also a temple in Thailand ‘Wat Pa Maha Chedi’, which is made up of 1 million Heineken Beer bottles.

In a first airplane hijack in Norway in 1985 (Braathen SAFE Flight 139), hijackers surrendered their weapon in exchange for beer, what a love for beer :p

As beer has a low amount of alcohol, it was not considered an alcoholic beverage in Russia until 2013.

The strongest beer in the world is Snake Venom that contains 67.5% alcohol by volume. A pint cost 50 Euro and you can buy on Amazon.

A waiter named Oliver Streumpfel, has the record of carrying 27 one litre mugs of beer to a distance of 40 metres in a beer festival.

In Amsterdam, the government founded “Rainbow Group” hires alcoholics to clean streets and other small work and pay them with beer.

Visit the stores of McDonalds in France, Germany, Portugal, and South Korea, and you will see beer in its menu.

Zythophobia is the fear of Beer and Zythology is the study of beer making. Another interesting phobia is Cenosillicaphobia, which is of fear of an empty beer glass.

Steven Petrosino has the Guinness world record of chugging 1 litre of beer in 1.3 seconds. Noone has broken his record since 1977.

Czech republic is the most beer drinking company with per capita beer consumption of 150 litres per year, whereas in India it is 1.6 litre per year per person.

The largest beer festival ‘Oktober fest’ is held in Germany. There is no entree fee but you will have to pay around 12 euro (~950 INR) for a mug of beer.

Moderate drinking of beer is good for bones, fights heart disease, protect brain cells, kidney stones etc. You also must know, how The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism (NIAAA) defines moderate drinking – 4 drinks for men and 3 for women in any single day and a maximum of 14 drinks for men and 7 drinks for women per week.

When scientist Niels Bohr won the Nobel Prize in 1922, the Carlsberg brewery gave him a perpetual supply of beer piped into his house.

At the Wife Carrying World Championships in Finland, first prize is the wife’s weight in beer

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