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Macallan Price in India

Macallan Price in India

Macallan is a single malt scotch whiskey from the Macallan distillery. The Macallan is generally considered be the second or third highest-selling single-malt scotch, next to Glenfiddich and, by some accounts, Glenlivet. Macallan Price in India

Macallan Whisky is available in different types such as

  • Sherry Oak
  • Double Cask
  • Triple Cask Matured
  • The Quest Collection
  • Rare Cask

and ages

  • 8-year-old
  • 10-year-old
  • 12-year-old
  • 15-year-old
  • 17-year-old
  • 18-year-old
  • 21-year-old
  • 25-year-old
  • 30-year-old
  • 72-year-old

How to drink Macallan Whiskey

There’s no right or wrong way to drink whisky. As long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters. But there are some techniques that can heighten the experience of drinking whisky, making it even more pleasurable.

Simply pour a measure of the whisky into your glass. Taking the glass by the stem or base, hold your nose inside the aperture (the opening at the top) and inhale gently.

(A connoisseur will use a special kind of glass for ‘nosing’ a whisky, called a ‘snifter’. It is a glass with a stem, where the aperture is narrower than the bowl in which the whisky lies. This serves to concentrate the vapour and make the aroma more intense.)

Now take a sip. ‘Savour the flavour’ by taking your time and allowing the whisky to roll over your palate for a good ten seconds, before allowing it to slip smoothly down.‘

Macallan Alcohol Content

  • 40% (UK, Europe, Canada, Australia)
  • 47% (US and Duty-Free Shops)
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Macallan Price in Delhi Duty-Free – 2020

Name Volume Price in INR
The Macallan Quest 1000 6240
The Macallan Lumina 1000 8190
The Macallan Terra The Macallan Terra 1000 13660

Macallan Price in Chennai Duty-Free 2020

Name Price in INR
Macallan whiskey Maker’ Release cut – 700 ml 11020
Macallan Rare Cask 35950
Macallan Whisky Makers Edition 10730
Macallan Estate Reserve – 700 ml 20380

Macallan Price in Hyderabad Duty-Free 2020

Name Volume Price

in INR

Macallan Concept 700 ml 9750
Macallan Rare Cask 700 ml 8190
Macallan Quest 700 ml 38530
Macallan Terra 700 ml 13660

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