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Description of program

In the Hakubi Fellows Program, RIKEN offers junior PI positions for independent research by exceptionally talented individuals. The program, established in 2017, encourages active exchange between the fellows, and seeks to develop the next generation of leading researchers with a global outlook.


Research fields

All areas of the natural sciences, including the mathematical sciences; research in boundary areas with the humanities and social sciences. Research topics with the potential for high impact scientifically or socially, including unexplored areas, and research on issues humanity currently faces, are welcome.


We seek the best people from a wide range of candidates; doctoral degrees are not a prerequisite.


Maximum term of 7 years
Individuals taking prenatal, postnatal or childcare leave may extend their terms commensurate to the period they take for their leave, as provided in RIKEN regulations.

Research budget

10 to 40 million JPY per year, depending on research plan
(RIKEN’s facilities and equipment are available for use)


Salary: 910,000 JPY per month, based on an annual salary (social security and tax are deducted from salary)
Commuting expenses: Actual amount is paid up to maximum of 55,000 JPY per month
Housing allowance: Half of monthly rent up to a maximum of 40,000 JPY per month for single units and 60,000 JPY per month for family units
Relocation allowance: Available (based on RIKEN regulations)
Other: Membership in the Science and Technology Health Insurance Society and the Science and Technology Welfare Pension Fund

Location of research team

Teams may be located on RIKEN’s Wako Campus, and other RIKEN campuses when necessary


Active exchange encouraged between fellows
Regular meetings with RIKEN president

FY2020 calls for proposals

RIKEN Hakubi Fellows Program (Eng.)
Sechi Kato Program for Female RIKEN Hakubi Fellows (Eng.)

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