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About the Fellowship

DLR – DAAD Research Fellowships’ is a programme implemented by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

This special programme is intended for highly-qualified foreign doctoral and postdoctoral students as well as senior scientists from the fields of Aeronautics, Space, Transportation, and Energy. DLR-DAAD Fellowships offer outstanding scientists and researchers the opportunity to conduct special research at the institutes of the DLR in Germany.

Please note that within the DLR-DAAD programme, you cannot apply for a university or another institution, only for a DLR institute.

DLR-DAAD Fellowships are defined and awarded on an individual basis. Each Fellowship announcement will indicate the specific qualification requirements and terms of the visit. The current offers are published under DLR-DAAD Fellowships – Current Offers.

Fellowship Types and Duration

Type Target Group Fellowship Goal Funding Duration
A Doctoral Students Doctorate in Germany 36 months
B Postdoctoral Students Research in Germany 6 to 24 months
C Senior Scientists Research in Germany 1 to 3 months

Fellowships are always awarded for the length of the research stay in Germany. The host DLR institute and the fellowship candidate will agree upon the length of this term.

Fellowship Value (as of 1.1.2019)

Type Monthly Instalment Possible Additional Payments
A 1,760 Euros e.g. flat-rate travel allowance, health insurance, family allowances
B 2,400 Euros none
C 2,760 Euros none

Application Requirements

At the time of their application, applicants for a DLR-DAAD Fellowship must

1. not be of German nationality,

2. be able to prove their outstanding study or research achievements in the field of research corresponding to the fellowship offer,

3. Type A: have completed their studies or research with a university degree not more than six years ago,

Type B: have completed their studies with a doctorate/PhD/Candidate (Russia) not more than two years ago,

Type C: applicants must be working in higher education or at a research institute; positions are open to outstandingly-qualified academics and scientists who should generally hold a doctorate/Ph.D., additional prerequisites may differ and are stated in the fellowship offers,

4. have an excellent knowledge of English; knowledge of German is advantageous.


The application procedure occurs online through the DAAD portal.

Type A & B:

The following documents have to be uploaded to the DAAD portal:

  • Online application form;
  • Cover page;
  • Statement of the reasons for applying for a certain fellowship: Appendix;
  • Complete curriculum vitae;
  • List of publications, if applicable;
  • Abstract of the final Master or PhD thesis (max. 3 pages);
  • University degree certificate indicating final grade(s): the certificate must be subsequently submitted before the grant-supported research begins if it is not available at the time of application;
  • English language certificate (e.g. TOEFL IBT: min. 79; IELTS: min. 6.5);
  • German or English translation of documents submitted in the national language;
  • All university certificates on all annual examinations with individual grade(s), incl. explanation of grading system.

Applicants are not required to submit any confirmation of academic supervision.

Documents to be sent to the DAAD application address by post:

Two letters of recommendation, which should be written by senior academics of the applicant´s own choice. The form of the letter of recommendation has to be generated in the DAAD portal in the section “Request reference” after registration and downloaded. Please send the form by e-mail to your referees and ask for the completed reference form to be sent to the application address in Bonn in a sealed envelope. References are confidential and must not be read by the applicant.

The letters of recommendation cannot be accepted in digital form and must be sent by your referees by regular mail to the DAAD head office in Bonn. The letters of recommendation must arrive 4 weeks after the application was uploaded in the DAAD portal at the latest, at the address:

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Section ST43/DLR
Kennedyallee 50
53175 Bonn

Type C:

The following documents have to be uploaded to the DAAD portal:

  • Online application form;
  • Cover page;
  • Statement of the reasons for applying for a certain fellowship: Appendix;
  • Complete curriculum vitae;
  • List of publications.

Application deadline

If an application deadline exists, it is mentioned in the current offers. The DLR-DAAD scholarships are awarded with the principle „first come first serve”, therefore fellowship offers may sometimes be allocated to other applicants while your application is still processed.

To apply, please go to the DAAD scholarship database ( and select the DLR-DAAD programme. From here, you can enter the portal by clicking the tab “Submitting an application”. Please be aware that only complete applications will be accepted. Applicants are responsible for their applications’ completeness.

Important Notice

By applying for a fellowship within the DLR-DAAD Research Fellowships Programme you give your consent to the DAAD to forward your documents and your personal details to DLR and its relevant institutions. The DAAD and the DLR will not pass on your details to third parties.

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