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Remy Martin Price

Remy Martin Price in India

Rémy Martin is a famous French Liquor Company known for its cognac. It is a type of brandy, a spirit made from fruit. In the case of cognac, the fruit is exclusively grapes grown in the Cognac region of France, which are known for their aromatic superiority. It was founded in 1724.  Remy Martin Price in India

How to drink Remy Martin

During the aperitif, the cognac is usually consumed neat, but adding a drop of water reveals more fruity, floral and spicy aromas and makes the tasting experience smoother. Similarly, adding two ice cubes will dilute the cognac and reduce the alcohol percentage, which reveals these aromas while making the taste more refreshing. The goal is that the ice cubes melt slowly, revealing new aromas at each step.

Remy Martin Alcohol Content – 40%

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Remy Martin Price in Delhi Duty-Free 2020

Name Volume Price in INR
Rémy Martin VSOP 700 6100
Rémy Martin XO Excellence 700 20920
Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac 700 266,130

Remy Martin Price in Rajasthan 2020

Name Volume Price in INR
Remy Martin – Vsop 700 ML 8010
Remy Martin Louis Xiii 700ml 306355

Remy Martin Price in Kolkata Duty-Free 2020

Name Volume Price in INR
Remy Martin Cellar Master 16 180ML 5630
Remy Martin Xo 70 Cl 700ML 13550
Remy Martin Vsop 1000ML 5890

Remy Martin Price in Bangalore 2020

Name Price in INR/Bottle
Remy Martin VSOP 700ML 7500.00
Remy Martin VSOP-Duty Free 700ML 5700.00
Remy Martin XO 700ML 18000.00
Remy Martin XO-DF 700ML 10900.00

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