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MTO token price prediction

What is MTO token and where can I buy it?

Before I tell you about the Merchant Token, let me first tell you what is IDO or Initial dex offering. merchant token price prediction

What is IDO

IDO is a fundraising method in which a new coin is issued to early investors in decentralized exchange.

The IDO for Merchant Token is being held in different phases (120 in this case). In every phase, there are a certain amount of coins to be offered, and as the phases progress the price of the coin increases.

Let’s say in phase 1, there are 1,00,000 coins to be offered at a price of $0.10. So once that quota is over, the coin is now in phase 2 and the price will increase from $0.11.

So the take here is that, if you plan to invest in an IDO, then it is better to invest in the early phase, so you can the coin at a cheaper price.

After all the IDO phases are complete, the coin is then launched at exchanges at a higher price. It has also been seen that coins offered at $0.01 can reach $2-$3 when it is launched. This means you had invested $10 then it becomes $2000.

The above case happens rarely but there certainly is chances of making your money at least 2X when you participate in an IDO.

What is MTO Token?

Now let’s talk about what is Merchant Token and how to participate in this IDO.

Merchant Token (MTO) is a solution that introduces consumer protection concepts from the traditional card payment industry to any blockchain with support for smart contracts like Ethereum, Cardano (ADA) or Solana.

HIPS Payment Group is behind the MTO IDO that processes to date payments for over 200,000 merchants globally.

This strategic partnership will aim to mass educate millions of consumers and merchants and make it seamless to implement and use the Merchant Protocol for merchants.

How to Buy MTO Token?

  1. Visit the Merchant Token IDO page
  2. Sign up with your email id
  3. Link your google authenticator
  4. There are 3 options to buy MTO token
  • Buy using ETH
  • Buy at Coinbase
  • Buy with a Credit card

I hope you get this IDO early and make a good profit out of it. I started a Quora group for MTO token where you can discuss all its recent news and price predictions. Feel free to join below

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