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How to buy DOGECOIN in India

How to buy DOGECOIN in India?

There are hardly a handful of people who knew about DOGECOIN when it was launched on December 8, 2013.

But now it is known to millions of people. People have made fortune out of this coin, thanks to Elon Musk.

Here I present to you the most easiest and reliable way to purchase DOGECOIN in India.

You just need to carefully follow every step I am mentioning here and you will face no issues at all.

There are actually many exchanges where you can buy DOGECOIN. But I will advise you to be with the leader because you don’t want to buy a cheap Chinese television and regret it after it goes out of order after few months.



Step 1 – App download

Download WazirX app or sign up on the WazirX website

Why WazirX – because

  • It is the leader with the highest user in India
  • You can use UPI, Google Pay, PhonePe, Instant deposit, and withdrawal
  • Low fees
  • You can buy through P2P
  • Avail of several competitions and win free coins and prizes


Step 2 – Sing Up

Enter your email address, password and you will get an email to verify your account on your email address

Step 3 – Authentication

After verification, the next important thing is to secure your account. Securing your account is important. I would advise you to use both the authentications – Authenticator app as well as message.

For the authenticator app, you need to download “Google authenticator” and then connect your authenticator with the wazirX.

So when you log in from a new computer or mobile you need to use the OTP provided in the Google authenticator app to access your WazirX app.


Step 4 – KYC verification

After securing your account, you need to complete the KYC

You can enter your bank details. WazirX will use this bank account for all withdrawals in the future.

Upload images of PAN, Aadhar, and a selfie in JPG or PNG format.

Once all the details are verified, you can then deposit funds to begin trading


Step 5 – Deposit Money

Once your account is connected, you can use their UPI method to transfer funds from your account to WazirX.

It takes 2 seconds (lightning fast) to deposit money from Google pay, PhonePe or any other UPI (Note – sometimes due to heavy traffic this may take some time)

To deposit INR, you can also use any of the following payment methods:

  2. Net Banking
  3. Bank Transfer


Step 6 – Start Trading

Once you receive your money you can start trading on the WazirX platform

I tried to explain in the easiest way possible how to open a WazirX account. If you are new to trading then I will ask you to find videos on youtube on how to buy and sell in wazirX.

Once you get acquainted then only you start real trading. All the best.

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