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Mext Scholarship Tokyo

MEXT Scholarship – University of Tokyo

University to Tokyo is accepting the applications for the MEXT Scholarship by Japanese Government. It is a Fully Funded Scholarship for Masters or PhD.

1. Qualifications

(1) Eligibility

International students with outstanding academic records (*1) who wish to enter Japan in September, 2020 as a new student (*2) to study in the Master’s or Doctoral Program at the Graduate School of Science.

  • (*1) An applicant must have university grade points* of 2.30 (out of 3.00) or above in their two most recent years of study and be expected to maintain the same academic standards during the course of the scholarship program.
    * Grade points will be calculated according to a formula specified by MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).
  • (*2) Please refer to (10) Non-eligibility 5. to confirm your eligibility.

(2) Nationality

Applicants must have the nationality of a country with diplomatic relations with the Japanese government. Applicants who have Japanese nationality at the time of application are ineligible. However, Japanese nationals that reside outside of Japan at the time of application, having dual citizenship with another country, and plan on relinquishing their Japanese nationality before arrival, may apply.

(3) Age

Applicants must be born on or after April 2, 1985.

(4) Academic background

Applicants must have the necessary qualifications to be admitted to the Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo as a Master’s or a Doctoral Program student.

(5) Field of Study

Applicants must apply for the field of study that they studied at their previous university or a related field.

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 Scholarship Types

Type of Scholarship Number of Recipients Eligibility: Possible Departments of Enrollment
1) International Priority Graduate Program (PGP) 4 Master’s Program students (*3) Physics, Astronomy, Earth & Planetary Science, Chemistry, Biological Sciences
2)General Master’s or Doctoral Program
0-1 student (tentative)
Physics, Astronomy, Earth & Planetary Science, Chemistry, Biological Sciences

AY2019 actual amounts

144,000 yen/month (for a student of a Master’s Program), o

r 145,000 yen/month (for a student of a Doctoral Program)

(an additional monthly stipend of 2,000 or 3,000 yen may be added to those students undertaking study or research in some designated regions of the country).

 Application Period

From October 1 to October 31, 2019

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