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Brazil Exchange Student Program 2020

Brazil Exchange Student Program is from the Brazilian Government for Undergraduate (PEC-G) and Postgraduate – Master’s and PhD – Students (PEC-PG) is offering scholarships to students who come from selected developing countries, including South Africa, to pursue studies in Brazilian Higher Education Institutions (HEI).

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All studies are taught in Portuguese and applicants must already have sufficient proficiency in the language, as a preparatory language course is not included in the scholarship.

Further details on the Programme are available at

Degree level


Postgraduate(Master’s and Doctoral degrees)


Applications for Exchange Programme for Undergraduate (PEC-G) are open annually at
Brazilian diplomatic missions. Postgraduate (PEC-PG) applications are open on the CAPES
( and CNPq ( websites.

Who can apply?

Applicants from selected developing countries, including South Africa. Candidates must
register to sit for the Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners (CELPE-
Bras) examination. A preparatory course is available at Brazil-South Africa Cultural
Centre (CCBAS). More information is available at

Undergraduate studies:

• Applicants must be at least 18 and not more than 23 years of age

• Must have successfully completed National Senior Certificate with a Bachelor’s pass
and a minimum of 60% average mark achieved

• Must have attended high school in a country other than Brazil

• Must present proof of ability to afford living expenses in Brazil

• Must have obtained the CELPE-Bras Certificate for Portuguese proficiency

Postgraduate studies:

• Master’s degree: completion of a first degree

• Doctoral degree: completion of a Master’s degree

• A research project accepted by a Brazilian university

• After completion: Proof of remaining in country of origin for at least two years after
graduation (applies to former PEC-G students)

• Must have obtained the CELPE-Bras Certificate for Portuguese proficiency


Fields of Study


All fields available at eligible Brazilian institutions


The Brazilian Government’s Exchange Programme offers various postgraduate
programmes. Please read the link:
 to see offered postgraduate programmes.

What the Scholarship offers

The scholarship includes tuition fees at the relevant Brazilian institution.

Scholarship recipients are responsible for all other expenses, including international
travel, accommodation and living costs. Monthly expenses are estimated to amount to
between US$400 and $600.


Application process

Undergraduate (PEC-G) applicants must refer to the Brazilian Embassy in South Africa
to complete application forms and submit the required documents. Candidates may only
apply to the participating Brazilian Institutions of Higher Education for the courses
currently offered
. More information on application
criteria is available here.

The application process can be found at:

Postgraduate (PEC-PG) applicants must submit their applications online in accordance
with the issued public notice at and


Downloads and Links

PEC-G Website

Brazilian Embassy in South Africa

Participating Brazilian Institutions of Higher Education

Courses currently offered

Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed conditions for applying to PEC-G.

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