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Norwegian University of Life Science PhD Vacancies

Norwegian University of Life Sciences Vacancies

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences is a public university located in Ås, Norway. It is located at Ås in Akershus, near Oslo, and at Adamstuen in Oslo and has around 5,000 students. (Source)

It’s  research and study programmes are enabling people all over the world to tackle the big, global challenges regarding the environment, sustainable development, how to improve human and animal health, renewable energy sources, food production, and land- and resource management.

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PhD scholarship within Infection Biology – Host-pathogen interactions of Leptospira – Deadline: Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The PhD position is assigned to the Section of Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology at the Department of Food Safety and Infection Biology (MatInf) under the supervision of Associate Professor Sabrina Rodriguez Campos. Co-supervisors are Associate Professor Mette Myrmel (MatInf) and Associate Professor Anette Krogenæs (Department of Production Animal Clinical Sciences). The Research group has a good national and international network. The workplace will be on Campus Adamstuen in Oslo until July 2020, but will move to Campus Ås thereafter.

PhD scholarship within Intelligent Sensing and Automation – Deadline: Thursday, October 10, 2019

The successful applicant must meet the conditions defined for admission to a PhD programme at NMBU. The applicant must have an academically relevant education corresponding to a five-year Norwegian degree programme, where 120 credits are at master’s degree level. The applicant must have a documented strong academic background from previous studies and be able to document proficiency in both written and oral English. For more detailed information on the admission criteria please see the PhD Regulations and the relevant PhD programme description.

Postdoctoral Fellow within Autonomous Navigation for Robots in Agriculture – Deadline: Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The postdoctoral fellow will be working on a research and innovation project funded by the Research Council of Norway: “Feed Carrier – Autonomous, robust, and flexible feed delivery robot”. Project partners are T. Kverneland & Sønner AS (TKS), Felleskjøpet, Orkel AS, SINTEF Digital and NMBU. The Feed Carrier project aims to develop a robust, ground-based, autonomous feeding robot with an accompanying feed kitchen for cost-effective operation and improved animal health.

Postdoctoral fellow within statistics and applied ecology – Deadline: Monday, September 30, 2019

The postdoctoral researcher to be hired will work primarily on project WildMap, funded by the Research Council of Norway. Project WildMap aims to cause a paradigm shift in how we quantify, understand, and communicate information about the status and future of wildlife populations. To do so, we are developing spatial capture-recapture models that allow us to map abundance, vital rates, and space-use characteristics of wildlife population. We are collaborating closely with the Norwegian Environment Agency and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. During the project we use primarily genetic monitoring data on three large carnivores – wolverine, wolf, and brown bear – collected across Norway and Sweden over nearly 2 decades.

PhD scholarship within Data Science and Mass Spectrometry – Deadline: Tuesday, October 1, 2019

This PhD scholarship is a part of the project ‘New Hydrate Management: New understanding of hydrate phenomena in oil systems to enable safe operation within the hydrate zone’. The work will be part of a SINTEF-NMBU-industry collaboration, financed by The Research Council of Norway and the industry partners. The aim is to develop a new understanding of gas hydrates and their chemistry. Gas hydrates present a major flow-assurance problem for the petroleum industry, and better hydrate management strategies are needed. Current hydrate management methods are costly and not necessarily environmentally sound.

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