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PhD in Geophysics

PhD in Geophysics

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PhD in Geophysics (Immersive Wave Experimentation)

Organization/University: ETH Zurich

Deadline: 01/08/2019

PhD position Applied Geophysics with focus on seismic methods

Organization/University: Uppsala University

Deadline: 15/08/2019

PhD position in marine geophysics and fluid flow dynamics of hydrothermal systems

Organization/University: University of Bergen, Norway

Deadline: 08/07/2019

Research position in Applied Geophysics and Geology

Organization/University: Uppsala University, Sweden

Deadline: 01/07/2019

A funded PhD opportunity in near surface geophysics at Oklahoma State University

Organization/University: Americal Geophysical Union

Deadline: 03/07/2019

 Airborne Geophysics PhD Scholarships

Organization/University: University of Western Australia


MSc and PhD students

Organization/University: American Geophysical Union

Deadline: 28/07/2019

PhD position in Tophole Monitoring of Permanently Plugged Wells (TOPHOLE) – IV-197/19

Organization/University: NTNU Norway

Deadline: 01/08/2019

PhD position in climate dynamic

Organization/University: University of Bergen

Deadline: 15/08/2019

PhD Scholarship in landslide-fault interactions at the University of Canterbury and GNS Science

Organization/University: AGU New York, USA

Deadline: 03/07/2019

PhD position 2 in Earth System Science: “Understanding water cycling in the Amazon using a trait-based approach”

Organization/University: University of Zurich

Deadline: check link

PhD position: Superstructure in thermal convection

Organization/University: University of Twente, Netherland

Deadline: 20/07/2019

Two funded PhD Opportunities in Seismology at Dalhousie University

Organization/University: Dalhousie University, USA

Deadline: 31/12/2019

PhD Position (f/m/x)- Real-time Earthquake Risk Reduction for a Resilient Europe

Organization/University: GFZ Potsdam, Germany

Deadline: 03/07/2019

More PhD Positions

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