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19 Tips To Earn 50,000 Per Month

Let me first share with you the motive for writing this article. I am working towards getting financial freedom in my life.

Financial freedom is having enough residual income/passive income to cover your living expenses. It is not about being rich and having tons of money, but having enough to cover your expenses so that you can spend your precious time doing what you like rather than doing things just to earn money.

During the process of achieving financial freedom, I have come across several opportunities that have helped me save a great amount of money. I am happy to share with you that after a year of hard work and by implementing these opportunities, my passive income has now grown to around 60,000 INR per month.

Here I am sharing some of these opportunities. I am hopeful that this would motivate some of us to work towards achieving financial independence.

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Bonus Tip

Earn Through Referral Without Investing Money

Here is a brilliant idea which allows you to earn 5000 INR in one day. All you need is 4 friends/family members who have an Aadhar card, PAN card. You do not have to invest any single rupee, neither these 4 people who you are referring to have to invest anything.

No, this is not a scam and you do not have to invest a single rupee. This idea is wholly based on taking advantage of the promotional offers offered by reputed companies in growing their customers.

Read More here



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Tip Number 1

Earn From Your Credit/Debit Card

You want a buy a product from Amazon, Flipkart. You see that there is a 10% discount on Kotak Bank Cards. But you don’t have Kotak Bank cards.

What shall you do?

You can ask a friend who has this card, but if he/she has already purchased something, then you end up with no option but to buy the product at no discount.

There are now apps (download link), on which you can ask other people who have Kotak Cards to buy it for you. You will not get the exact 10% discount but you can get a 7-8% discount, which is much better than no discount at all.

This also works another way, if you have a credit/card and buy a product for someone else, you can keep this 2-3%. Good for all, but not so good for Amazon/Flipkart :p

Read More Here

It’s been around a week and I have already saved 3,000 INR with this app.


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Tip Number 2

Earn From Reselling Sites

Heard of Meesho?

Not yet, you are one step away from another amazing opportunity.

It’s a reseller app, where you can the products cheaper than it appears in other shopping platforms.

You can also make an earning from it. I have 3 friends who earn around 10,000 per month with this. This is in addition to their regular job.

Download Meesho Here



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Tip Number 3

Write Software Review

You can get a 500 INR Flipkart gift voucher by writing a review about the software you are using on G2 ( )

No, they are not a scam. G2 is the world’s leading B2B software and services review platform!

As long as you write a unique review without copy-paste with a screenshot showing that you are using that software.

You get a 500 INR gift voucher for every review.



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Tip Number 4

Start Blogging – Step By Step Guide

In November 2018, I made a wise decision – to start blogging. And since then it has been a pleasant journey. Over these two years, I learned a lot in this field.

If you ever thought of starting a blog and have not been able to do so. I strongly urge you to rethink that. To ease up the process and to motivate you, here is a step by step guide.

I have shared an insight story over these two years, how did I actually started this, how much time do I invest now, and how much money I generate this way.



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Tip Number 6

Get 5% Back With Dhani Card

There are numerous offers when you purchase online using a debit or credit card.

But in a few places, you get almost no offers, for example swiping your card in a nearby Kirana store, food delivery, ola/uber, low-cost flight, train/bus tickets, etc.

Here is a card (Dhani pay) that gives 5% instant cashback on every purchase.

You can sign up online in a minute and get an instant online card to start your purchase, and also for a physical card to be delivered to your address for 50 INR.

The best thing is you can activate/deactivate in a single click on the app.

The first month, the card is free. From the second month, you need to pay 250 INR.

So, you can get the benefit in two ways

Just use the first month, which is free, get 5% back, and deactivate.

If you plan to spend more than 5000 INR in a month then you can activate this.

You get additional benefit on signing up with this link



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Tip Number 7

Save On Online Shopping

Here is a secret app that no bloggers and affiliate marketer talks about

You can save on an average of 5-10% every time you shop online.

Do not regret your past shopping history, look forward and start saving from now on

Download India’s number 1 cashback app here 




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Tip Number 8

Write Articles For DailyHunt

Heard of DailyHunt?

You can write articles for them and earn money. The more popular is your article, the more money you earn.

Start writing and get famous



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Tip Number 9

Sell Your Unused Mobile Data

Would you like to make money in your sleep? Who wouldn’t right?

You can use the Honeygain app for selling your unused mobile data. The process of earning money is that you have to sell the mobile data that you have not used yet.

For example, suppose your network service provider gives you 2GB of mobile data per day and you are using only 1 or 1.5 GB per day so the remaining data goes waste, so you can earn an income by selling this remaining mobile data.

By selling up to 1GB of data per day, you will get a profit of up to $ 3 by the end of each month.

Wondering what HoneyGain does with the data?

Have you heard of CDNs or Cloud Delivery Networks? In simple terms, CDN is a networking concept that allows for an app or a website to be hosted at multiple locations. Generally, say a website is hosted on a server in the USA, then users from India will need more time to access the website. On the other hand, CDN will allow for the same version of the website to be stored in multiple locations. So in Little Saves’ case, we use CDN. Users from the USA will be able to access from a server in the US and users from India will be able to access it from a server in Mumbai. Here is how Honeygain works using this concept. Instead of one server hosted at a central location, Honey gain harnesses the power of multiple mobiles and computers from users like you and me. The mobiles provide bandwidth, while computers provide the computational power for their CDN to work. When all of our devices are pooled together, Honeygain is able to create a CDN which is a lot more powerful and cheaper than running a server.

Download the app here




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Tip Number 10

Get Discount On Medicine And Earn By Referring

This can be the best of all medicine app

Easy like PharmEasy
Sasta like SastaSundar
Online like Netmeds
Fast as Medlife

Get 200 INR on sign up and a minimum 20% discount on all medicine




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Tip Number 11

Use Credit Cards Instead Of Debit Cards

People are scared of credit cards and most of them think that owning them is a trap as it makes you spend more than you normally would.

Here I present to you two scenarios on shopping with and without a credit card and how I have used this feature to save an additional 12,000 INR just by using reward points.

An insightful review of using Credit Cards –



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Tip Number 12

Avail Offer From Banks – Zero Balance Account

We all know that there are many offers going on in the eCommerce site with bank cards.

To promote banking during the Covid crisis, Kotak Bank has come up with a zero balance, zero maintenance-free account which can be opened right from your home, without the need of visiting the bank. They also offer an instant virtual debit card which you can use for shopping and avail discount.

So, the next time, you see a 10% discount on Kotak Cards. Use your card.

Click Here To Open 



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Tip Number 13

Avail 20K Offers From Samsung.Com

Samsung has started a special program on their website where they are offering coupons which you can use to get offers on electronics products purchased on Samsung.

They offer a cheaper rate than the big billion prices of Amazon or Flipkart. There are also additional offers if you are a student.

Offer Details Here



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Tip Number 14

Save Money On Your PPF Account

If you have a PPF account then make sure to deposit the money before the 5th of every month. Otherwise, you lose that interest earned which makes a big difference at the end of 15 years. This difference is around 27,691 INR for 15 Years Period.



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Tip Number 15

Get Best Deal On iPhones

Use this code “HSBCIPHONE” to get the best deal on any Apple iPhone – Find Details Here

P.S. You will get a cheaper rate than Amazon or Flipkart platforms


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Tip Number 16

Use Special Discount Code On Ajio

Use code “AJIOVISA” to avail of an additional flat 500 discount on a product worth 2000 INR or more when you pay with a visa card.

This code is not product dependent and can be applied to all products.

Find Details Here



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Tip Number 17

Avail Offers From ICICI Debit/Credit Card

Now you can open a zero balance ICICI account online in 1 minute and avail of the debit card/credit card offers.


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Tip Number 18

Find The Best Deal On Flights

Do you know Flipkart offers flight tickets with the best discounts? I always look for the flight price in these apps before purchasing a ticket

Flipkart, Amazon, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, EaseMyTrip, Yatra

Use Promo Code on Yatra App or Mobile
“AMZICICI” to get flat 10% discount on International Flight Tickets
“YATAMZ” to get a 16% discount on Domestic Flight Tickets

P.S. I just saved 13,118 INR for a friend on a Round Trip Flight (Japan-India)

Read More – How To Find Cheap Flights To Anywhere


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Tip Number 19

Get Free Sample Products

Here is a chance to try the Dabur products for free. Just sign up, give your address, mobile number and get a free sample product – One product per mobile number

Toothpaste –
Hair Oil –


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