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chalmers university of technology vacancies

Chalmers University of Technology Vacancies

Below are some of the funded PhD and Postdoc positions at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

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PhD and Postdoc Vacancies

Ref. No. Job ad header Application deadline
20200207 PhD student position in Information, Fairness and Socially Beneficial AI 25/05/2020
20200209 Postdoctoral position in Information, Fairness and Socially Beneficial AI 25/05/2020
20200219 Postdoc position in computer vision and machine learning 24/05/2020
20200203 PhD student positions in Infrastructure Geotechnics 24/05/2020
20190564 Postdoctoral researcher on the development of a new Rheo-SAXS sample environment 20/05/2020
20200208 Postdoc position in transparent and 2D-material embedded antennas 25/05/2020
20200217 PhD Position(s) in Software Engineering with a focus on “Software Evolution”, PAR 2020/501 08/05/2020
20200216 Student Teaching assistant, one or more (Computer Engineering and Network & Systems), PAR 2020/504 23/05/2020
20200214 PhD student position in Recycling of Li-ion batteries by supercritical fluid technology 01/06/2020
20200193 PhD student position in Recycling of solar cells by combination of pyro- and hydrometallurgy 01/06/2020
20200210 PhD position on phantom limb pain 20/05/2020
20200212 Postdoc in Municipal planning for non-fossil transport 12/06/2020
20200204 Postdoc(s) in Infrastucture Geotechnics 24/05/2020
20200213 Postdoc in Minigrids for rural electrification 12/06/2020
20200206 Postdoctoral position in Atomic-scale modeling of cemented carbides 25/05/2020
20200215 PhD student position in mathematical statistics for artificial intelligence 29/05/2020
20200211 PhD student position in Carbon dioxide hydrogenation to chemicals and fuels 30/05/2020
20200205 PhD student position – A hundred percent renewables – how many percent sustainable? 25/05/2020
20200192 PhD student position on lower limb prosthetic control 17/05/2020
20200202 Postdoc in biological nanoparticle analysis 15/05/2020
20200173 PhD student position in Transport modelling of microplastics in road runoff 14/05/2020
20200189 Postdoc Position in Radio-based SLAM 15/05/2020
20200188 PhD student position in axial flux motors for electric vehicles 10/05/2020
20200099 Engage in shaping the future! The Department of Physics seeks seven PhD students 10/05/2020
20200171 PhD student position in dynamic reconfiguration control of Li-ion batteries 10/05/2020
20200170 PhD student position in thermal control and fault prognosis for Li-ion batteries 15/05/2020
20200174 Postdoctoral researcher in mechanical modeling of human soft tissues 08/05/2020
20190593 Postdoctoral position in formal analysis/verification of autonomous SW/HW systems 31/05/2020
20200162 Postdoc position in Organic Synthesis 10/05/2020
20200160 PhD student position in Plastics Recycling 03/05/2020
20200104 PhD student position in Secure and Private Machine Learning Mechanisms 30/04/2020
20200106 Two PhD positions in Privacy-preserving Biometric Authentication 30/04/2020
20200159 Postdoc in Communication and Learning in Science 15/05/2020
20190676 PhD positions in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) 01/05/2020
20200151 Postdoc position in sustainable antifouling strategies in shipping 01/05/2020
20200135 PhD student position in induction and synchronous reluctance machines design for recyclability 30/04/2020
20200152 PhD student position in Low-Noise Microwave Amplifiers for Quantum Computers 30/04/2020
20200153 Postdoc in Marine Structures on Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion 19/06/2020
20190722 Postdoctoral position in yeast cell factory design and production of biochemicals 15/05/2020
20200148 Postdocs to build a quantum computer 26/04/2020
20200145 PhD student position in Wind farm design from an electricity system perspective 30/04/2020
20200144 PhD student position in Innovation Management 27/04/2020
20190698 PhD student position in Macroscopic quantum experiments with magnetically levitated, micrometer-sized superconductors 30/04/2020
20200134 PhD student position in Natural Language Processing 30/04/2020
20200137 PhD student position in time-resolved spectroscopy on proton- and hydride-ion conducting perovskites for energy applications 20/05/2020
20200136 Postdoc position on low-dimensional metal halides for lighting 15/05/2020
20200132 Postdoc in Quantum Information Science with Superconducting Circuits 01/05/2020
20200122 PhD student position in Science, Technology and Society 30/04/2020
20190322 PhD student position in Secure and autonomous optical networks 01/05/2020

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