Save And Travel

Let me start

I was thinking of writing this from quite some time, but couldn’t make it for many reasons. I kinda like postponing things, call it a laziness or I would say I wait until I get motivated enough to take it to another level.

I can’t start something all of sudden, I am not that kind. I will look at the fan in my room and will realize that It’s not been clean for a while and I will clean it. I will remove everything from my Kitchen and then place them in order. I will sit on the floor and look at the movements the tiny ants are making. I will gaze at the spiders and ponder should or shouldn’t I remove the webs.  Then I will see if I have any clothes to wash, I will clean the books on the shelves, I will go through old pictures on my laptop. I will lie down and then listen to my favourite song with closed eyes. Then I wish to see the beautiful garden through my window, I will search for the birds, I will do nothing but just see people walking on the streets. Then I may make coffee, take shower, sing a song, dance and later realize how beautiful this life is. I will then sit in one corner of my room, and draw the blueprint of the things I wish to do.

I have been leading a normal life, I had a few doses of motivational push through movies, magazines, books and documentaries to lead a higher life. From past few weeks, the doses have increased. I also have witnessed a massive change in me, I was not a firm believer in God. Being a science student, I believe in scientific laws and phenomenon. I believe that everything that happens in this world has a scientific reason, most of them are known to mankind. We can recreate things almost anything but life. Take for example the tiny cells which make up the human body or any animal. Science has reached a level that it can create every part of the cell but it is non-functional till that last touch (divine touch) which makes it come alive.

I wonder what took so long for me to understand this, anyway I thank Dear Lord for finally making me believe in him. Now every morning I get up I thank God for showing me another day in my life. I have started conversing with him as an alternate to autosuggestion to lead me higher in my life. I am loving it..!!

I am an open minded, calm and soft-spoken guy. I love traveling, hanging out with friends, having a good talk. I love to meet people, not just for the sake of meeting them but to really listen to them, know them, share a good time and to be with them in any need. That really makes me feel good.


My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”


Human connection

Human connections would undoubtedly be the most influential of all the act, you will leave behind for people to cherish, when gone from this miraculous perishable life, in the blink of an eye.

This naked contact of mind nurtured with selfless loving-kindness is contagious, leaving a delicious feeling of human existence that will relish every fibre of your being.

Listen to your old brag heart and let the beautiful stampede of emotion flow through you.

Where do you seek happiness?

Is it under the warm shower you take in the morning with a deep breath? Or in the song that you heard after a long time? Does interesting conversation makes you happy or just watching some beautiful faces

It’s in the paper notes? or the hydroxyl group attached to the carbon atom in the fancy bottle? It’s the chocolate right, oh perhaps some collection of signature bags or equivalent items.

Is it spending time for the Great Entity who accidentally caused more death than anyone else in human history and doesn’t talk to us anymore

How can I miss TRAVELING? To some its meditation, too few, it’s in a feeling of giving away

Wherever you seek happiness if it’s not within you and had it through any means. It will disappear as it has appeared

Find peace within

In the midst of your challenging, non-stop, eventful life, sometimes a powerful energy strikes you and takes all the scattered attention out of your mind, making you feel calm.

Your mind now becomes unrealistically calm and non-responsive to the triggers of dopamine.

In those moments you wish the state to the last longer, a bit longer so as to black hole all the negativity out of you, caused by these fugitive events. But the state disappears with the pace slower then it appeared

The reoccurrence of these whole processes is to remind you that the answers to everything lie within. So save your time and roam less around then within

Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future. Live the actual moment, only this moment is Life

We are all creators of our won problems. Both problems and solutions have the same origin and we go the key to both. When we open the doors of problems, we often get lost in it and most of the time it is intentional, a part of us always know that it is not required or necessary to feel the pain but we do not take the harder path and stick to our life, confusing for the rain for the tears.

Being Busy

There will always be that meeting which is too important to miss, or that deadline that has to be met or that friend who is in need of help. The way I see it is if you want to find that one huge adventure that has been designed especially for you, crafted by your God, written in your destiny; it isn’t going to come to find you. You need to skip that meeting, ignore that deadline, and find someone else to help your friend, pack your bags and take off. You might say the details of your trip haven’t been ironed out, your commitments haven’t been taken care off, but there will always be loose ends to tie, what we need to do is throw caution to the wind and set off.

In her dreams

In her reality, she lived a life of tedious monotony, every day a colourless repetition of responsibilities.

But in her dreams … oh in her dreams …

In her dreams she was an author, a poet play write journalist. Everywhere she went she scribbled in her notebook, weaving words and telling stories.

In her dreams, she was an artist. As a photographer, a potter, and a painter she drew freely upon her imagination to create beautiful masterpieces

In her dreams she was an explorer, a consummate traveller and gypsy wanderer, chasing the wind to the four corners of the earth.

In her dreams, she was everything she ever wanted to be and more than she had ever hoped to be.

In her dreams, she was blissfully, exquisitely happy.

In her dreams she had you.

Stay blessed

Often I have this beautiful feeling inside me, when I feel my heart is growing, I can hear my heart pumping, I see my vision more clear, I observe more than I ever been, every people I see looks more smiling to me, every tree I see feels like talking to me, the wind seems to tell me something, the sky seems more open, like I am losing myself onto everything, like every second is an hour and I feel, I was never this happy before

I feel I need nothings more than just sitting here, gazing at you. I wish I can watch you like this forever. I want to smile, I wish to cry. At this moment I do not really care about anything, I feel I want nothing more. I realize that even if I die this moment, I will be more than happy. I am really really blessed to have several of those moments

I would really want to thank all the beautiful people I met, all the beautiful moments I shared with them. I have all them with me and I will never run out of them

Our life is touched by many people, some have a great impact on us, we feel growing up, getting better, feeling happy in their presence and we all know nothing stays forever…. there comes a time when they walk out of your life, and the missing period starts.

All you people, you will always be remembered for the good we had with you… You are being missed.

Life is Beautiful

Beautiful are those people who relive their life by pouring their thoughts/imaginations on paper or canvas or any damn thing that awaits their touch to bring in to life

Beautiful is the mom who put her child’s happiness before her and feels nothing but joy with every scarifies she makes

Beautiful is the man who is drunk (with life) but yet composed and finds happiness in solving the mysteries (of life)

Beautiful are those musicians who work for hours, days or months to bring out the best piece

Beautiful is the girl who is unapologetically herself with every moves she makes

Beautiful is the stranger who smiles at you, like he is sending the much-needed love to you

Beautiful is the child who believe everything in this world is to eat

Beautiful is the player who toils for hours on the ground so as to reach his goal

Beautiful are those mountains that keep an echo deep inside and often makes your lung inflate

Beautiful are the flowers that blossom your soul every time you look at them

Beautiful are those moments when you smile and say “life is beautiful”

Beautiful are you and the world is awaiting to see the beauty in you

Dance cleanses you up

Over the years, I got myself so addicted to this beautiful thing… DANCE… lol I remember I was so shy initially, dancing was like you are doing a small crime, and keep on eye if someone is watching you hehe… kiddo thought… but now I just love, I don’t know the steps, I just love it when I close my eyes and dance, it relaxes me so much, feels like I am flying and I love every moment of it….!! I feel meditative while dancing…!! I sometimes dance for hours and hours… I remember once I was dancing till 11 in the morning lol haha…

The big question

There is time to lend intelligence and there are times to lend your shoulders. There is time to speak and there are times to just hear them out. People may not be looking for your solution all the time. They may not be looking for your intelligent support all the time. There are times when they need you and not your advice. They are just seeking an emotional cushion. Whether you know it or not is the big Question??


It’s not a dream I saw during a particular night but the dream I am watching just now. I am resting on the mountain top, watching a small stream flowing through a waterfall, I took a pen and opened my diary, I felt all the time in my life to write. I first thanked God for this wonderful life and all the joy and sorrow, and then I wrote a poem for every person who came to my mind… I was feeling on top of the world, I wrote about how my life has transformed over the years… I felt I received everything in this life and will die happily if He calls me there… I felt proud of the moment when I crossed that big imaginary river which I was always afraid of all my life, it took a million attempts to get the courage to cross that, billion attempts to go near to it, trillion attempts to sink my foot into it and just one attempt to cross that…There is only one life, no other attempts, it may not matter to you how you are playing the game right now, but you need changes and remember you have to cross that imaginary river (human mind doesn’t entertain changes). Hoping to see you there.

Small Acts

I was thinking that day about the small acts which bring a big change in you.. like that beautiful child picture I saw, rectified the chemical composition inside me. the silence does that to me, the mountain, the trees, the wind and sometimes the ocean does that to me. being with you did that to me. I know you are not happy with me, I realize that. I am not happy with me either.. sometimes it’s a constant fight with me for something which doesn’t exist. It’s a small mountain and I can walk over it, but maybe I have this affection with pain, cause I know it’s a great teacher and I like learning

Life is a mystery

I remember that beautiful moment when I was all smile, I could think of nothing else, I could hear my hear beat, imprints of beautiful people keep rushing my mind. I realized I am not touching the ground, I felt I am observing the minute in thing in this world. I do not know who to thank, all I can feel is the butterfly in my stomach, a warm sensation in my heart. I wish to give you a long hug, I crave for the smell of your beautiful skin, I wish to listen to your heartbeat

Let my wings fly above the hills new sight, new adventure and the thrill be it smooth or rough, let the journey be joy let me embrace every moment with a happy heart and rejoice with a smiling face. Life is a mystery which will never be solved stay on the road and keep the courage of quest. Don’t hurry, don’t turn, choose a path and stick on if you stumble, make it the part of a dance. Seek the naked truth, not the dressed lies life can sometimes be hard

But remember “nothing last forever” and P.S. “THE ROADS LAST TURN WILL BE THE BEST”

Loneliness at its best

I like watching some movies alone. I like it when I am all alone in the midst of a theatre or placed at any corner. I sit however I like, I laugh and sometimes I cry. It feels as if I am imbibing all of it what is shown/told. I like it when some of the deepest thoughts come out and I feel my heart is floating with all the emotions. Many a time, it has given me feelings like “I was never this happy before”

We all are lonely in our life, no matter who you are, what you do, where you live? you are sure to taste this bittersweet fruit of life. I used to be ashamed of it, being lonely, among all the beautiful friends I have, the caring parents I got, the wonderful location I am placed, but now I started to realize that its just a part of my life. The last couple of years has changed me a lot, for good. I am now open any experiences in life with a welcoming smile. Often I go into this phase of loneliness, where I stop talking real people in my day today life. Stop making any plans for travel, just be home, reading something, talking to people online, being with myself, sometimes depressed with some old incidents, with life, may sometime start to hate life. But after all its all experience, this teaches a lot to me, makes me stronger. I am happy being in this phase. To be frank I love every part of this life. I have no complains about it whatsoever

Time is precious

We all come across many thoughts in everyday life, if we really care for one of these thoughts, which touches your heart, like when you are alone with the seas in front of you or the sunset or any other time, be it in the early morning when you get up out of sleep or late at night when you don’t know what to do, or just a time in normal day when you feel disconnected from the normal things and feel something different just because something different is happening inside you, something which knocks your door once in a while, something which is with you but you always ignore, something you feel is not important at the moment, something which often passes by and tells you that you can do wonders with. Sometimes, I am stupid, doing injustice to me, ignoring this beautiful world by creating this misery cocoon where every angle, every sight shows how cruel this world is and the non-existent pain conquering this amazing brain tell me how fucked up a life can be. The act of deciphering my thought onto this does lower the noise in my head, eases up the imaginary pain, brings the very needed relief, strengthen the faith in me and the whole act makes me fall in love with me.

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