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In this competitive world, hard work without a proper direction is stupidity.

Let’s assume you have 100+ posts on your website. All of them are original and contains extensive knowledge but still, you get only a few hundred or thousand visitors per day, and the misery is that you get only 2–3 USD from AdSense, sometimes not even that.

I can feel this pain, as, like all new bloggers, I have gone through this. It has not been even 2 years, I started blogging. The first six months brought lots of dissatisfaction, frustrations because even after spending hours on writing a beautiful blog, I was not even getting 100 organic traffic. All the traffic I created was from social media. I had to keep reminding people to visit my blog by concurrent posts on Facebook, WhatsApp group, etc.

Then one fine day after reading an extensive benefit of SEO tools, I decided to start a free trial of SEMrush.

I used the free trial and then continued a 1-month subscription. I think I spend all my earning from my website (6 months) for that trial which was 99 USD.

I won’t say this was paras – “पारस मणि ‘ जिसे छू ले वह सोना बन जाता है”, a hindi proverb which means “Paras Gem, that touches metal and it becomes gold”.

But using this,

  • I recreated my website
  • replaced the high competitive keywords with low competitive ones
  • interlinked my website and added outbound links
  • created backlinks using the competitor analysis feature on SEMrush
  • restructured my blog headings
  • removed broken links and replaced with high domain score links
  • and a few mores

The result started to show in the next 2 weeks. It has been one year since then. I only used SEMrush for one month because it was expensive and only last month I renewed my subscription. Currently my website

  • Ranks 182,840 on Alexa
  • has traffic of around 9000–12000 per day
  • with an earning of 50,000 INR per month

Let me tell you this, I am a research scholar. I am mostly occupied with my lab work and reading and writing research papers. I only invest time on my blog whenever I have free time.

I am happy and a little bit proud to say that this (blogging) thing which I started out of nowhere is getting me more money than my previous job. And I am sure that this in due time this would grow.

I am not too much into making money, but I had been restricting myself to travel to new countries because of money and I think I would soon achieve this (after this COVID crisis)

Now let me just tell you about this beautiful and versatile SEO tool.

You can do anything and everything about SEO with SEMrush.

It is used by more than 5 million customers, has more than 120 million keywords, and is connected to around 50 million blogs. The opportunity this tool gives is humongous.

It has the most updated keyword list. Let me tell you a story. When this new COVID crisis came out, I thought of writing a blog on COVID-19, so I searched other SEO tools for finding a suitable keyword.

Even after a month of this pandemic, popular tools like Ubersuggest, Moz, Ahref only showed that COVID-19 has a volume of less than a thousand. Can you believe this? I am not showing that they are bad, but keeping yourself update has an edge in this fast-changing world, which SEMrush definitely has it.

Even, Quora, eBay, Booking dot com, hp, and thousands of more international websites are clients of SEMrush.

It has several features like once you give your domain details, it can track your keyword positions, so you can experiment to know which keyword is performing better for you.

Competitor website analysis has been effectively used by bloggers around the world. It helps you to extract powerful backlinks, and ideas about the latest keywords that can increase your ranking.

So you can select some of the high volume keywords having less difficulty and include in your posts. We all know that including similar keywords in the post helps you rank higher on google.

The keyword gap feature adds another dimension to the limitless opportunities to your collection of keywords from your competitors

the same hold true with the Backlink gap tool, where you can collect the list of backlink that is helping your competitor rank higher than you.

Concluding Remarks

SEMrush has definitely an edge over all other SEO tools. The major disadvantage I see here is the price, which is definitely not pocket friendly to new bloggers.

But everything good comes with a price. So I would suggest you can opt for the trial version and after that if you think you can be benefitted than extend the subscription. Use one month initially and gather all the information. Work on it for 3–6 months and you would see your blog has started to perform well.

Here is something from me to you

Once you have a decent earning from your blog. You can continue your subscription.


Wish you a lovely and happy blogging career <3


I knew nothing about the blogging world and was earning only 10–15 USD per month after 6 months of my blogging world. But I knew that if I want to excel I need to work hard and work hard in a good way.

Being a newbie to the blogging world, I was working 3–4 hours daily on my blog, watching detailed youtube tutorials, reading tips, and reviews on how to get traffic, backlink, and ranking for organic traffic.

Although I was happy that I started ranking for a few keywords, but deep inside I felt my hard work is not paid off.

I knew that one year is a small amount of time for my blog to perform, I definitely lack the high-quality backlink, but I felt either something more is missing. I also thought that blogging is not a good career (hours of work with mere dollars as the payment). Especially when your traffic comes from a low-income country, the cps is too low to get a good income.

Then something awesome happened, I decided to give it a try for a free trial of Semrush, and I can tell you this is a swiss army knife, you can do anything and everything about SEO with them.

I read reviews to make sure that if I do not extend the free trial, no money is being charged from me. I registered for the free trial of the pro plan that comes at 99 USD per month. And believe me, this is one of the best investments I made in recent times.

As my blogging budget is not that big, I only used it for 2 months, I extracted all the necessary information like

  • made a list of keywords I believe my site can rank
  • made necessary changes suggested to improve the ranking
  • downloaded all the competitor’s backlinks details
  • identified the suitable keyword my competitor was ranking but not my site
  • tracked what changes in my writing style benefitted my keyword ranking

After these two months, I had enough data to work for the next 2 years.

When I started my website, I see that it had a ranking of over 9 lakhs in Alexa, but now after 17 months, my blog ranking is 185,783. I get over 9000 visitors per day and from the past 4 months, I am getting an average of 50,000 INR.

So I think, the time has come now to restart my Semrush subscription ☻

Of all the SEO tools, Why SEMrush?

As I said above, SEMrush is like a swiss army knife, you can everything with this tool, keyword research, backlink monitoring, link building, on-page SEO, competitor’s research, and tracking your website rank, the list goes on.

It is very expensive (the lowest plan is 99 USD per month), yet over 5 million customers use this every month.

Suppose that you have a website that deals with travel. So you just type any keyword you want to rank in SEMrush, example – “budget traveler”

It gives you the keyword details – country-wise list of volume, CPC along with a list of related keywords that you may be missing. Including these related keywords in your blog content will help you rank higher. Moreover, you can make a separate blog page for these keywords if they have high volume.

More importantly, it also gives the phrase report, which again opens a new dimension to your existing keyword.

Peeking into your peers and improving yourself has always been a good working strategy in any field. SEMrush provides a detailed report on a competitor’s website, keywords, backlink,s etc.

There are thousands of more things you can do with SEMrush.

Concluding remarks

I would strongly suggest that you opt for the trial version of SEMrush. Sign up only when you think you have enough time and not much occupied with work, so you can explore most.

If you think it can help you then extend this subscription, otherwise, you have nothing to lose.

If you already get a decent amount of money then you can continue this subscription otherwise, you can also avail it for a month, two, and collect all the information and research for your blog analysis.

Another best thing is that you can also a huge amount of money with SEMrush by promoting them. You can check the below link.

SEMrush – Free Trial And An Opportunity To Earn Big

There are people I know who have earned more than 100k USD with this.

Good luck and Cheers,

With love,

Happy Blogging

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