Save And Travel Scholarship Marathon – (10-15 June 2020)

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Save And Travel Scholarship Marathon – 1


Since the majority of the Master’s Scholarship were not limited to a specific subject or field, hence I have compiled here the scholarships which can be applied to all the Masters courses taught in respective Universities.


Ph. D. Economics/Sustainable Development


Ph.D in Statistics

PhD (Bioinformatics)

Phd (Security Studies)

PhD Acoustic

PhD Mechanical

Phd Biological sciences

PhD Computational Chemistry (Medicinal chemistry)

PhD Cybersecurity

PhD Ecotheology

PhD Geoscience

PhD Human Rights

PhD in Agricultural Social Science

PhD in Architecture

Phd in Astrophysics

Phd in Bioarchaeology

PhD in Biochemistry/Bioinformatics/Microbiology in California

PhD in Biophysics

PhD in Biochemistry

PhD in Computational Biology

PhD in Constitutional law

Phd in Economics

PhD in Management.

PhD in Environmental Engineering

PhD in Environmental Microbiology

PhD in Environmental Sciences

PhD in Computer Sciences

PhD in Finance

PhD in Commerce

PhD in Fisheries/ Aquaculture

PhD in Intensive Care Medicine

PhD in International Development

Phd in Mechanical Engineering

PhD in Automotive Engineering

PhD in Media Studies/ Journalism/ Mass Communication


Phd in Physical Oceanography

PhD marine biology/ecosystem management UK

PhD Material Science

PhD Mining Engineering

Phd Neurobiology

Phd Politics

PhD Urban Freight Planning/Engineering

Postdoctoral Positions/Fellowships

Postdoc in Biological sciences

Post Doc in Composites/Materials Science

Post doc in dentistry /periodontology

Post doctoral Food security, Agriculture economics

Post doctoral position in environmental sciences

Postdoc (Integrated Coastal Management)

Postdoc in Thermal Engineering

Postdoctoral construction Management

Short term grant/award in Comparative Literature and/or Translation Studies


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