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University of Gothenburg PhD Vacancy

University of Gothenburg – Vacancies

Below are the list of PhD, Postdoc and Research Positions at University of Gothenburg, Sweden

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Job Application
Type of employment Reference no
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Inflammation and pregnancy complications 2020-05-26 Fixed term PAR 2020/466
Doctoral student in Medical Science – A new system for regulation of body fat 2020-05-26 Fixed term PAR 2020/469
2 PhD positions in organic chemistry 2020-05-18 Fixed term PAR 2020/548
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Familial aggregation of gestational duration 2020-05-26 Fixed term PAR 2020/471
Bioinformatician/Associate researcher, Core Facilities 2020-05-18 Fixed term PAR 2020/561
Statistician, Core Facilities 2020-05-18 Fixed term PAR 2020/563
Teaching assistant, one or more (Data Science and AI) 2020-05-24 Fixed term PAR 2020/555
Teacher in Game Design and Research (Adjunct teacher) 2020-05-18 Fixed term PAR 2020/557
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Focus on the gut-brain axis and addiction 2020-05-26 Fixed term PAR 2020/470
Research Assistant 2020-05-18 Fixed term PAR 2020/517
PhD student in organic chemistry 2020-06-30 Fixed term PAR 2020/547
Teaching assistant, one or more (Software Engineering) 2020-05-24 Fixed term PAR 2020/532
Researcher 2020-05-14 Fixed term PAR 2020/537
Associate researcher 2020-05-14 Fixed term PAR 2020/531
Student Teaching assistant, one or more (Computer Engineering and Network & Systems) 2020-05-23 Fixed term PAR 2020/504
Postdoctoral position in Clinical research directed towards Multiple sclerosis 2020-05-31 Fixed term PAR 2020/526
Associate Researcher to the Department of Political Science and the Quality of Government Institute 2020-05-13 Fixed term PAR 2020/527
PostDoc position within optical spectroscopy of organic molecules 2020-05-07 Fixed term PAR 2020/375
Teaching assistant, one or more (Information Security and Formal Methods) 2020-05-24 Fixed term PAR 2020/529
Data Coordinator 2020-05-13 Open ended PAR 2020/384
Researcher 2020-05-13 Fixed term PAR 2020/516
Professor in Craft specialising in Ceramic Art 2020-06-02 Fixed term PAR 2019/1455
Postdoctoral Researcher in Practical philosophy 2020-06-01 Fixed term PAR 2020/304
PhD Position(s) in Software Engineering with a focus on “Software Evolution” 2020-05-08 Fixed term PAR 2020/501
Data Manager to the Department of Political Science and GLD 2020-05-28 Fixed term PAR 2020/178
Professor of Education, with a commission related to Universeum 2020-05-15 Open ended PAR 2020/214
Postdoctoral fellow in translational mucosal biology 2020-05-14 Fixed term PAR 2020/486
Researcher in Animal Ecology 2020-04-27 Fixed term PAR 2020/232
Web Editor 2020-04-27 Open ended PAR 2020/236
PhD student in Physics 2020-04-28 Fixed term PAR 2020/374
Postdoc position in physiology at the Department of Marine Science 2020-05-01 Fixed term PAR 2020/481
Doctoral student in mathematical and applied statistics 2020-04-28 Fixed term PAR 2020/483
Senior lecturer in physics with didactic profile 2020-05-15 Open ended PAR 2020/1
Senior Lecturer in Economics 2020-04-27 Fixed term PAR 2020/412
Two Doctoral positions in Logic 2020-06-15 Fixed term PAR 2020/301
Researcher 2020-04-27 Fixed term PAR 2020/460
Professor in Mathematics Education 2020-05-31 Open ended PAR 2020/447
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Systems biology focusing on ALK signaling 2020-06-30 Fixed term PAR 2020/276
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Machine learning for epilepsy treatment 2020-05-12 Fixed term PAR 2020/436
Postdoctoral position in Microbiology / Molecular Biology 2020-05-31 Fixed term PAR 2019/1259
Doctoral position in artificial intelligence and political language with the GRIPES project 2020-04-30 Fixed term PAR 2019/1471
Postdoctoral Researcher in Practical Philosophy at the Lund Gothenburg Responsibility Project (LGRP) 2020-04-30 Fixed term PAR 2019/1200
Postdoctoral Researcher in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and Classical Philology 2020-04-30 Fixed term PAR 2020/251
PhD student in molecular microbiology 2020-05-11 Fixed term PAR 2020/429
Postdoctor in addiction biology 2020-05-24 Fixed term PAR 2020/407
Postdoctoral researcher 2020-04-30 Fixed term PAR 2020/361
Associate Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics directed towards molecular life science 2020-05-10 Fixed term PAR 2020/282
Associate Senior Lecturer in translational molecular medicine 2020-05-10 Fixed term PAR 2020/228
Associate Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics directed towards translational medicine 2020-05-10 Fixed term PAR 2020/229
PhD student in topological error correcting codes for quantum computing 2020-04-30 Fixed term PAR 2020/350
Postdoctor in epilepsy biomarkers 2020-05-01 Fixed term PAR 2020/360
Postdoc in European Research (1-2 positions) 2020-05-04 Fixed term PAR 2020/287
Post-doctor in Environmental Economics 2020-04-30 Fixed term PAR 2020/215
Postdoc: Modelling Species’ Range Expansions in Marine Environments 2020-04-30 Fixed term PAR 2020/216
Postdoctoral Researcher, one or several, in Computational linguistics 2020-04-30 Fixed term PAR 2019/1592

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  • Hyeonjin lee

    September 28, 2019

    I would like to research about biosensors and bioelectrical Engineering.


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