10 Sample Motivation Letter For PhD – with Tips

Motivation Letter For PhD

In this post, you will find 10 sample motivation letters for Ph.D. You can also use these motivation letters for scholarships, organizations, colleges, etc.

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I remember when I had to apply for a PhD and I was browsing through the internet looking for a perfect Motivation Letter that I can attach with my other documents. It was not an easy task.

To let you know that it will not be an easy task to write a motivation letter for Ph.D. This is because every Ph.D. topic is unique and to support you will have to gather all your experiences and show the supervisor how best you fit into that.

The research world has become very competitive. You will see that now more and more people are doing Ph.D. and Postdoctoral research.

Your motivation letter would be one of the first documents which will be viewed by the officials. So start early use the following tips to help make an outstanding motivation letter

Tips for writing Motivational Letter for PhD

Start early and give due time. Once you have written it then wait for 1-2 days and then read it again. You will come up with new ideas to improve it.

Read the notification carefully and focus on how best you can sum up your achievements and experiences to meet the key responsibilities mentioned in the announcements.

Do not try to copy paste exact thing from your CV. Most probably, you will be providing your CV for the application too so it will be duplication.

Try to explain your skills and experiences and connect with the desirable qualities asked in the notification
Have you already gained relevant professional experience

Being a part of NGO, Volunteer services, student association will be beneficial

Try the answer the following question in your Motivation letter

      • What are your professional goals and your future plans after obtaining your degree?
      • If its an International PhD program then mention in which way do you intend to contribute to the social, political or technical development of your home country as well as the host country.
      • Why are you applying for the chosen program? Which of the courses offered
        in this program are particularly useful in pursuing your professional goals?
      • What are the qualities that will make you a desirable candidate for this position?
      • Why do you want to take up this position in the host country?
      • How do you characterize your own personality? Emphasize your strong points, but be realistic.

Do not forget to proofread: You can use grammerly or any other tool to look for grammer corrections

How to frame your motivation letter

First Paragraph: Introduce yourself and specify which program you like to apply. Include career objective and future prospects

Second Paragraph: Your previous academic and professional experience that is relevant to the program.

Next few paragraphs: Write the main content by answering some of these questions

          • How this program will help your career
          • Your passion for the research area of interest
          • Your publications, conference visits
          • Short term courses, award received

Closing paragraph: How it will contribute to your development, countries social economic welfare.

Sample Motivation Letter

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