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How To Earn 5,000 INR in One Day?

I am going to share with you an idea where you can make 5000 INR in less than 5 hours.

No, this is not a scam and you do not have to invest a single rupee. This idea is wholly based on taking advantage of the promotional offers offered by reputed companies in growing their customers.

If you have these 5 things, you are good to go

  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card (preferably) registered with phone number
  • Canceled cheque or bank statement
  • Passport size photo and your signature
  • 4 Friend having the above 4 things

Now, what we are going to do here is, make a Demat account in 3 stock brokers which are providing zero opening Demat account. It usually takes 5–10 minutes to make a Demat account once you have all the above 5 things with you.

Link for opening Zero Balance Demat Account

  1. Upstox
  2. 5 Paisa
  3. Angel Broking

It usually takes 5–10 minutes to open an account. You need to give your email, phone number and details and upload your PAN, Aadhar etc. Then you get a call from the customer care for verification and you are done.

Once you get your username, use their referral program and create a Demat account for your friends or family. They can follow the same and make a zero opening Demat account.

For each friend, you will get

Upstox + 5 Paisa + Angel Broking = 400+550+500 = 1350

So if you have 4 friends, you cross that 5000 INR mark


5 Paisa

Angel Broking

I hope it helps,

Cheers and Happy Saving,


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