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Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships

Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships

1200 Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships will be given to Undergraduate Degree, Masters Degree or Doctoral International Students, European Union, & German Students to Study in Germany.

The scholarship department of the Heinrich Böll Foundation grants scholarships to graduates, and doctoral students from outside Germany. An application for a scholarship for an undergraduate degree is not possible.

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Selection Procedure

The Heinrich Böll Foundation’s selection procedure for scholarship applicants consists of three stages:

  • Submission of written application documents
  • An interview with a liaison lecturer (telephone interviews may also be held)
  • Attendance at a selection workshop in Berlin consisting of a one-to-one interview and a group

At each stage only a small group is selected for the next stage. You will be notified in writing of the decision
reached at each stage of the selection procedure.

Stage 1: Submission of written application documents

The key criteria for assessing written applications and admission to the next stage of the procedure are:

 Very good school and university academic record
 A convincing research project (exposé, innovative line of enquiry, realistic timetable, preliminary work that has reached an advanced stage)
 Social commitment and political interest
 Convincing arguments for applying to the Heinrich Böll Foundation

Stage 2: Interview with a liaison lecturer

At this stage a report by the liaison lecturer is added to your application. It is based on an interview of about
an hour with the liaison lecturer appointed by the Heinrich Böll Foundation. In exceptional cases the liaison
lecturer may agree to hold a telephone interview.

The main points dealt with in the interview with the liaison lecturer will be:

 PhD thesis subject, theoretical and methodical approach, relevance, status of preliminary work,
timetable and, if appropriate, relationship between academic research, practice and politics
 Main focus of research work, research interests
 Career prospects, goal orientation
 Social commitment and political interest as appropriate
 Personal suitability
The liaison lecturer will then write an expert report on the interview covering the above-mentioned

Stage 3: Selection workshop

On the basis of the liaison lecturers’ and other expert reports and the quality of the exposé applicants will be
invited to attend the selection workshop.

The selection workshop consists of a structured individual interview and a group discussion. The
workshop will focus mainly on assessing applicants’ personal abilities as described in our Mission Statement
on Promoting Young Talent (see


The application deadline is 1 March.



Student scholarship:

Info Sheet A1-1 (PDF)

Application Form (in German, PDF)

Expert Reference Form (PDF)


Doctoral scholarship:

Info Sheet A2-1 (PDF)

Application Form (in German, PDF)

Expert Reference Form (PDF)

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