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List of New Year Party in Goa

I have spent a big part (7 years and counting) of my wonderful life here in the beautiful state of India, Goa. Living here is Paradise. We grow, we learn and we change and this place has brought some good changes in me over the years. Here are the party places in Goa for a new year.

One of the major reason people travel is that they want to experience a new world, relax or need a change in their monotonous life. If you are here to relax, find a less crowded beach, book your stay, start the day with yoga or meditation, sit in silence, watch the waves, swim, eat and read some books, know yourself more, feel happy about life, visit interesting place, try some seafood, spread love to people, make some friends and you will cherish the memories.
Goa is the Las Vegas of India. Christmas and the new year is the best time to visit Goa. This would be the best place to bid good eye to 2019 and bring in the New Year with a bang. As always, this is the time to decide what your plans are – whether to stay in town or go to a new city to party. New Year Parties in Goa are everywhere. There is singing, dancing, eating, partying and so much more. The whole of Goa is lit up as New year approaches, all the churches, the beaches looking beautiful as ever. During the New Year, the day can be over, the sun can be set but the party never ends.

Here are some ways to enjoy New Year in Goa:

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