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buy medicines online with discount

Buy Medicines Online With Discount

Online Medicine Market is rapidly growing in India. In recent years, we have seen a rapid increase in online companies giving the best medicine discount ever. Here I have compared some of the best online medicine pharmacies in terms of revenue, discount, customer satisfaction, and medicines stocks. Buy Medicines Online With Discount

  • Largest Pharmacy – MedLife
  • Best Pharmacy (Discount) – Netmeds
  • Best Pharmacy (Stocks) – Medlife or PharmEasy
  • Best Pharmacy (Delivery) – Netmeds
  • Best Pharmacy (Trust) – Netmeds

Largest Pharmacy

Now let me give you some facts on what I just wrote above

MedLife is the largest online Pharmacy in India. In 2020, it got revenue of 363 crores and a loss of 768 crores. Other online Pharmacies such as Netmeds, 1 mg, PharmEasy is much below this level. In 2018, Netmeds made a revenue of around 10 crores with a loss of around 60 crores. If you may be thinking that why so much loss, this is because of discounts offered and the staff, infrastructure expenses.

Customer Experience

Let’s see the customer review of some of the online pharmacies

Delivery of Medicines

While MedLife or 1 mg is only limited to few cities in India, PharmEasy and Netmeds have a much larger base in terms of delivery. I find that Netmeds is now delivering in almost all major cities and towns in India.

My hometown is a small town in West Bengal and I get the medicines delivered in around 3 days from the date of delivery.


We all know that companies are smarter in attracting customers by providing lucrative offers. Many a time they just mislead a customer.

For example, when MedLife says that they are offering a 70% discount, does this mean that if we buy the medicine of 100 INR, we pay only 30 INR, No….

70% discount as per them means, 20% discount on medicine, 15% off code for your next purchase, 15% super cash with Mobikwik (only 5% can be used), and 20% cashback which can only be used 10% for the next purchase. Similar is the case with Netmeds or other companies.

Anyway, as of June 2020, I see that Netmeds is offering the best discount of 23–30% if you use the coupon PROMOB3177PB OR DIPI7105. Make sure that the total order is above 500 INR. Otherwise, you can always find a 15% discount code on any online pharmacy website you would open.

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