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Bro Code Beer Price

Bro Code Beer Price in India

Let me tell you that Bro Code is not a traditional type of beer. It is actually a Brut IPA and does not actually taste like a traditional beer. Bro Code Beer Price

There are basically two styles of beer making – Ale and Lager. These types depend on the yeast used and the fermentation process and differ in alcohol content. The ‘Ale’ has further divided into different types of which Indian Pale Ale (IPA) is one type.

So this new experiment which actually gained popularity in 2018, came out when the Brut style of Champagne making is mixed with IPA, giving it a new name Brut IPA. So Bro Code is not actually a 100% beer but a Brut IPA.

It combines the bone-dry aspect of a Champagne in an India Pale Ale. In this process, the residual sugar of the beer is converted into alcohol. Brut IPA lacks the taste of hops, hence the bitterness of the beer is lacking.

it was created by Kim Sturdavant in late 2017, the brewmaster of Social Kitchen and Brewery in San Francisco, who used amyloglucosidase, or AMG, to remove the sugars in an IPA.

Brut IPA

Bro Code is manufactured by Indospirit, which also has a manufacturing unit in Goa. They launched the Bro Code in January 2018, It is essentially a sparkling wine cooler that is smooth & refreshing. A roaring success in the Indian market, BroCode is the spirit of brotherhood as their slogan says. Any occasion, any reason, no occasion or simply no reason, chill with the perfect sidekick by your side.

Carlsberg Beer  is available in

  • 330 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 650 ml

Types of Bro Code

  • Bro Code 10
  • Bro Code 15
  • Witty Bro
  • Bro Code Club Soda

Bro Code 15 Price



Bro Code 10 is a fizzy drink, whereas Bro Code 10 is promoted as the beer.


Bro Code Beer Alcohol Content – 15%

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Bro Code Beer Price in Chennai 2020


Name Volume Price

in INR

Bro Code 15 330 ml 130


Bro Code Beer Price in Goa 2020


Name Volume Price

in INR

Bro Code 15 330 ml 90



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