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Karolinska Institutet Postdoc Vacancy

Karolinska Institutet Postdoc Vacancies

Below are some of the latest Funded/Fully Funded positions for Postdoc Vacancies at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

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Postdoctoral Positions

Position Section Deadline for applications
Postdoctoral Researcher Department of Oncology-Pathology 2020-09-03
Post doc with responsibility for coordination of Karolinska Institutet’s and Karolinska University Hospital’s Covid-19 sample collection at the Center for Infectious Diseases Department of Medicine, Huddinge 2020-09-07
Postdoctoral fellow in psychology with a focus on cognition Department of Clinical Neuroscience 2020-09-08
Postdoc in Epidemiology with a focus on dementia (part time) Department of Clinical Neuroscience 2020-09-09
Postdoctoral studies in stem cells and erythropoiesis in MDS Department of Medicine, Huddinge 2020-09-11
Postdoctoral fellow on scholarship in Immunogenetics Department of Biosciences and Nutrition 2020-09-11
Position as Postdoctoral Researcher 2020-09-11
Postdoctoral researcher in synaptic physiology Department of Neuroscience 2020-09-11
Postdoctoral studies in non-coding RNAs (scholarship) Department of Medicine, Solna 2020-09-13
Postdoctoral studies in molecular mechanisms of viral oncogenesis (scholarship) Department of Cell and Molecular Biology 2020-09-13
Postdoctoral Researcher in cardiovascular medicine and stem cell biology Department of Cell and Molecular Biology 2020-09-13
One or two Postdoctoral researchers in environmental medicine and metal toxicology The Institute of Environmental Medicine 2020-09-15
Postdoctoral researcher in biostatistics/bioinformatics in asthma genetics Department of Women´s and Children’s Health 2020-09-16
Postdoctoral Researcher in Receptor Pharmacology Department of Physiology and Pharmacology 2020-09-16
Postdoctoral studies in structural biology of fertilization (scholarship) Department of Biosciences and Nutrition 2020-09-20
Postdoctoral Researcher in Chemistry 2020-09-23
Postdoctoral studies for method development in NMR (scholarship) Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics 2020-10-01


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