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Finding the Cheapest Flight in India

Since I have started traveling, I have developed this interest in finding cheap flights.

I try to scan all the web and find the cheapest deal. I feel happy and proud even when I save 50 INR in flight price. I have also helped friend finding flights at “zero cost“using referral programs and bank cards.

Here is how I have helped a friend book a flight at Zero INR cost.

Source: IXB

Destination: GAU

Date: 7/2/2019

Google Flight Price: 901 INR + 250 INR (Booking fare)

My trick: 

Install Ixigo app using my referral link and sign up using the code “JACBZMA9” (you get 250 INR) IXIGO app: 

Flight Price:                             900 INR                   

Referral Cash used:                     -250 INR                    

Cashback received:                      -550 INR                    

Using Amazon Pay:                     -100 INR                    

Your effective price:                 ZERO INR

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